A Personal Message From Bill

No potential candidate for office can list every prospective issue, or area of concern on a neat list. This is why it is vital to elect the right person to represent our community in Atlanta. I believe that in most instances there is a right and wrong answer if a vote is cast based on principals and choosing policy over politics.

Knowing that we are all flawed and make mistakes, I promise to work tirelessly to honor your trust by weighing each decision against ethical, moral and Biblical standards and choosing conscience over politics. I look forward to representing you in Atlanta. If there is anything you need, or anything you want to talk about as it relates to our district, you can reach me by sending an email to which goes directly to my phone.

The Conservative You Can Trust

As a small business owner in Glennville for over three decades, Bill cares deeply about our communities. He believes in core conservative principles and has high moral standards.

His deep and unapologetic faith in God will guide his vote on the many issues dealt with in the legislature. Bill understands that constituents are looking to those they vote into office to exhibit strong morals, beliefs and character.

Role of Government

Bill is a conservative who believes that the role of the government is to protect the fundamental rights of the individual and to protect and serve the Constitution of both the United States and the state of Georgia. Keeping government interference with the lives of citizens to the smallest level possible should be every legislator’s goal. Bill will be a strong advocate of reducing the size and scope of our state government. Bill is also committed to fiscal responsibility and spending the taxpayers’ money wisely.


There are many steps that can be taken by legislature to make themselves more accountable to the constituency they represent. Government as a whole breaks down when elected officials are too close to special interest and lobbyists. Bill believes in transparency in government and desires to involve the public in their own government. This is achieved by easy access to campaign finance records, contact information, stances on the issues, and current happenings.

The Economy

Bill has firsthand experience in operating a business in Georgia for 29 years and the burdens the government can place on businesses. That is why he supports creating a positive business environment in Georgia that will help entrepreneurs and current businesses expand as well as attract more industries to relocate to rural Georgia. The majority of jobs created are from small businesses. This has to be our focus if we are going to put people back to work.


Investment in the future of our state and nation through the education of our children should be forefront in our minds. Bill strongly believes that local boards and teachers should have the greatest impact on how our schools are run, not government. We must equip our children to compete in a global marketplace and teach them to value our freedoms and principles. Bill believes in empowering teachers and parents to make the right choices for their student. The state of Georgia also has a responsibility to the current and future students to ensure that HOPE remains fully funded.

Right to Life

Bill is pro-life and has worked to advance the pro-life cause throughout his lifetime. He believes life is an unalienable right that has been endowed from our Creator, that it begins at the moment of conception and it should be protected until the moment of natural death. It is the duty of our government to protect those rights.

Second Amendment

Bill Werkheiser is proudly endorsed by the NRA and has an A+ voting record. Every law abiding citizen, by constitutional right, should be able to bear arms. As a representative of the Georgia General Assembly, Bill will support efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.


I have already shown the importance of having a great relationship with those in leadership at the Capitol if you want to get accomplish anything. Getting 4  bills signed by the Governor in my first three years is just one indication. Being able to have a seat at the table when leadership meets every week is a chance to further those relationships especially when the pace picks up and things are happening at a frantic pace. When it comes to important issues like Reapportionment, you better have someone fighting for you that has influence with those that matter.